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Work Package 8

Title of Work Package: Management

Objective: The main goal of WP8 is to provide assistance to all non-scientific (ie. legal, administrative, financial) aspects within the TIRCON project. It is responsible for the grant deliverables, and the milestones, the financial and legal issues, and the overall budget management in order to ensure appropriate work flow and the best possible exploitation of results.


  • Set-up of an internal, secured and convenient web-based management tool for TIRCON with a depository function for all documents
  • Planning, administrative preparation and organization of all in-person and virtual meetings; Minutes and follow-up
  • Providing all necessary support (organization, administration, technical support) to the partners in order to ensure timely achievement of their scientific objectives
  • Preparation of the administrative and financial reports based on the partners’ contributions; Interaction with the EC and preparation of the status report