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Partner Profile

ACIES BIO is a biotechnology research SME working primarily in the field of pharmaceutical, environmental and food biotechnology. ACIES BIO’s key areas of activities are in industrial R&D on metabolic and biosynthetic engineering, strain improvement and bioprocess development as well as synthetic chemistry. ACIES BIO also has internal R&D pipeline in drug discovery, based on biosynthetic engineering further extended by synthetic and semisynthetic approaches. ACIES BIO has its main research facilities at the new Technology park Ljubljana Brdo, Slovenia, where the company’s R&D spans over 400 m2 of state-of-the-art biotechnology laboratory facilities. It’s chemistry facilities, approx. 150 m2, are located at a separate site. In 2008 ACIES BIO received the “Young company of the year” award for its achievements. In 2009, in partnership with top research institutions, ACIES BIO was named one of the two Slovenian Centers of Excellence in the field of life-sciences and in 2010 it was the founding member of the only Slovenian Competence Center in the Food and Health sector.


ACIES BIO collaborates with large national and international industrial partners on manipulation of secondary metabolite biosynthesis, strain improvement programs, metabolic engineering and biotransformation as well as chemical synthesis of various APIs, intermediates and other organic compounds.

Main tasks in the consortium

  • Partner in WP5 and WP6