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Bavarian Research Alliance GmbH, Germany

Partner Profile 

The Bavarian Research Alliance (BayFOR) is a small, private non-profit company located in Munich. It provides support to scientists and enterprises from Bavaria in the development of large, multilateral R&D projects, and in particular, EU-funded research projects. BayFOR provides qualified consulting, efficient acquisition  and  professional  management  of  grants.  It  also  supports  project leaders  along  the  entire innovation  chain.  The  team  of  experts  consists  of  research  managers,  researchers  and  university lecturers who are dedicated to promoting research at the regional, national and European level. Since 2006,  BayFOR  has  also  hosted  the  Bavarian  Office  of  International  Research  Cooperation  with  a mandate  from  the  Bavarian  State  Chancellery  (Prime  Minister’s  Office).  On  behalf  of  the  Bavarian Government, the Bavarian Senior Scientific Officer/Canada (SSO) promotes collaboration in science and technology  between  Bavaria  and  Canada,  with  a  particular  focus  on  Québec.  Neurosciences  are a primary area of focus in this office.


BayFOR has profound knowlegde in the management and administrative procedures of FP7 projects and is therefore well suited to accomplish tasks relating to management in TIRCON.  In addition to TIRCON, BayFOR has managed several other FP7 projects and has overseen the application process of numerous others.

Main Tasks in Project

Non-scientific project management: BayFOR will provide necessary support on all administrative, financial and legal issues, including the handling of secondary financial tasks for the Coordinator.

  • Leader in WP8
  • Partner in WP6, WP7, WP8